New to CBD? What is CBD and How Does CBD Work?

CBD or cannabidol is one of over 100 substances that is found and extracted from the hemp plant. 

The psychoactive ingredient in hemp extract is known by many as THC. CBD differs massively from this, it is purely a physiological stimulant. It has no effect on psychological stimulant. It has no effect on psychological disposition and is very effective for other uses around the body. 

Artisan Med products are extracted from Cannabis Sativa L, which is very low in THC (legal amount 0.02%) but HIGH in CBD. This ensures all our prouducts are within a stringent government guidlines for producing CBD enriched products.

Through scientific research it is proven that Cannabiniods are not only found in the Cannabis plant. They are primitive to the human body and the system that processes them called the endocannabinoid system Z.

CBD, CBN and THC fit like a lock and key into human receptors. 

These receptors are part of the endocannabiniod system. 

The endocannibiniod system contains two receptors called CB1 & CB2

The can effect the physiological processors including pain modulation, memory, apetite and anti-imflammatory effects.

CB1 is located in the brain and central nervous system along with other parts of the body. 

CB2 is a G protein- coupled receptor is mostly in the peripheral organs especially within the immune system.