Artisan-Med are proud to be working with this great cause Charity DHK.

Dogs Helping Kids works in all schools and colleges across the country including mainstream schools, behavioural schools, special need schools, further education colleges, preparatory schools, grammar schools and very small specialised schools. The primary aim of Dogs Helping Kids is to educate, help and support children and teenagers of all ages, backgrounds, sexes and abilities. This is achieved by training very carefully selected dogs known as DHK School Dogs to an incredibly high standard to work in the school, college and library environment as both educational and therapeutic aids.

The impact our DHK School Dogs have on children and teenagers in the educational environment is amazing and life changing. Every day across the country our DHK School Dogs are working with and helping children and teenagers. The following is being achieved :-

1) Improved academic achievement
2) Increase in literacy skills
3) Calm behaviour down
4) Increase in social skills and self esteem
5) Increased confidence
6) Teaching responsibility and respect to all life
7) Helping to prevent truancy and absenteeism
8) Motivating children who are often not that attentive within
    classroom environments

Every CBD purchase, Artisan-Med will donate £2 to this fabulous hard working charity. This is what the money will help towards:-

£2.50 Clicker for a School Dog Team
£5.00 School Dog personalised ID and lanyard
£10.00 Easy button for the training of ‘that was easy’ for work with children
£15.00 DHK t-shirt for a School Dog owner
£20.00 DHK special lead
£25.00 Personalised DHK collar for a DHK School Dog
£30/£40 DHK harness (depends on the size of the dog)
£40/£50 DHK School Coat (depends on the size of the dog)
£100 Fun agility equipment for a DHK School Dog
£150 Coat, Harness, lead, collar, treat pouch, clicker and whistle
£300 Insurance for one DHK School Dog to work in a school or college for a year
£3,000 The Training & Assessments of a new puppy (8 weeks of age) in the DHK Puppy Training Programme.
£5,000 The Training & Assessments of a Trainee DHK School Dog for Year One of the DHK School Dog Training Programme.
£7,000 The Training & Assessments of a Trainee DHK School Dog for Year Two of the DHK School Dog Training Programme.
£15,000 The Training & Assessments of One School Dog Team in its entirety over a 3 year period from puppyhood to certification – this includes all training, all assessments, insurance, attire, school visits & assessments, course material, and ongoing support and advice from the charity at all times.



We are looking to foster Betsy! Watch this space!